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Bathroom design tips

25 November 2012

Usually our bathrooms are part of a larger refurbishment, but most of what we do and watch out for is applicable to any refit.

  • Consider having a specialist deal with the project.  While we’re able to deliver great bathroom as part of a larger project, it can often be fiddly to tie it all together when you’re just doing the bathroom.  It might look expensive at the outset, but using a company such as Soap Bathrooms can avoid hassle and disappointment.
  • Changing the layout can be better and cheaper than a straightforward refitting.  Every job is different but many seemingly straightforward refits have hidden difficulties which add to the risk of increasing costs and delay.  Having a new layout means that the contractor has to allow for new fittings and adaptations in his costs from the outset.  You can also get a much more ergonomic and attractive bathroom.
  • Pick your Double Vanity Units before starting on site.  We’ve seen poorly set out expensive marble nearly ruin a design by not lining up the tiles and the fittings.  Line up the centre of fittings with a tile join or the centre of the tile.  If you know the tile size at the start you can position the fittings accordingly.
  • Be sure to put down a tile backer board when tiling on a timber floor.  It’s also worth considering electric underfloor heating while you’re at it for some inexpensive luxury, visit find electric underfloor.  Floor tiles can often end up cheaper than less hardy coverings as there’s less wastage in a small bathroom than using sheet flooring.
  • The labour element of wall tiling is about £35 to £50 per m2 so factor this in when making your selection.  If you’re on a tight budget consider reducing the area of tiling rather than picking a cheaper tile.
  • Use large mirrors set into tiles to enhance the feeling of quality and space.  In classic bathrooms use bevel edged glass or custom glass shower doors.
  • With advances in compact LED fittings it’s easier than ever to illuminate niches, shelves and recesses.   Wall lights either side of a mirror over a sink add to the impression of quality.  But get the work done by an electrician!
  • Whether you’re going for a high spec bathroom or looking to make the most of a standard suite there are some things you should never skimp on.  Good quality taps are important and more cost effective in the long run than having a plumber coming out to service a cheaper item.  Go for branded products from Marble, Quartz & Onyx Top Vanities from Bathroom and more store.
  • Get a design.  It might only take us 3 or 4 hours to measure a bathroom and draw up the layout, services and tiling.  You’ll have all the critical dimensions you need and a plan for everyone to work to.  Given that a refit will likely cost upwards of £3500 it’s a small price to pay to make sure everything is beautifully laid out and co-ordinated.   It might also allow you to explore ideas that could save you money or make the job easier to build.

Whatever you do and however you decide to organise your project remember that with a bit of thought and preparation it is possible to have a stunning bathroom, whatever your budget.

Reviews and recommendations

19 November 2012

We’ve had some reviews from past clients posted to our Yell listing.