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Garden Room in Spring

17 April 2012

With all of the good weather (in between rain showers) we took the opportunity to get some photographs of our completed scheme in Fulflood.  With the large sliding doors open to make the most of the warmth, and a large overhanging roof so we didn’t have to worry about showers, it seemed the ideal opportunity to show how this scheme responds to our variable weather!

This 1950’s semi was in need of a complete refurbishment and had significant potential to extend into its long garden and wide plot.  For the initial refurbishment we concentrated on achieving a well finished, simple design within tight cost and time constraints.    The second stage of the project started 12 months later and provided a two storey side extension with a master suite, study, utility room and a double reception room overlooking the garden.

The extension uses well placed windows, modest materials and detailing to provide a well thought out and practical design.  Large sliding doors make a contemporary statement and connects the house to the garden.  By making the most of key components we achieved a luxurious feel without resorting to expensive materials.  Having the main living space as two connecting rooms helped to strike a balance between space, daylight and sensibly rooms sized to suit the enlarged house.

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Progress in Monxton

11 April 2012

We checked up on progress on our bungalow extension project near Andover.  Everything is coming together as planned.  What had started as a difficult brief, has been resolved into an attractive and vert buildable design.  However, we’re sure the neighbours will be happier when the scaffolding comes off, one commented that it looks like we’re building a rocket underneath the protection!