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A brush with fame

25 August 2011

We’re assisting a regular contractor client with the refurbishment and extension of the house featured in this film.  It’s the first time we’ve had a complete feature film to use as a historic record.


Listed Building Refurbishment

23 August 2011

Our work to this apartment in Kensington included the repair of damaged ceilings.  Our contractor has painstakingly installed traditional laths to which horsehair plaster is applied.  The works also include alterations to the layout which as well as improving the apartment is zero rated for VAT!


Progress in Ampfield

23 August 2011

Our project in Ampfield is going well.  Our client had purchased an extended bungalow and appointed us to turn into a substantial two storey house.

The house has been extended out over a large covered porch which allows us to build a much larger first floor within a new roof.  The traditional design ensures the extended house sits comfortably in its surroundings despite it being a significant enlargement.