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ParkLifeKids complete

27 March 2011

Our first shop for ParkLifeKids in Winchester opened this weekend.  Working closely with the client and the branding designers, we delivered a completed refurbished shop in only four weeks from taking possession of the unit.

The dated 60’s shopfront was replaced with a more traditional display window and a large shoe store constructed in addition to the shopfloor design that mixed pieces from furniture warehouses with bespoke items built on site or delivered from our suppliers joinery workshop.  Co-ordinated prints and colours completed the look without the need for expensive fittings.

Our client and their customers were delighted with the end result which reflects the combined talents of a large number of people from graphic designers parkcorner to carpenters and expert merchandisers.

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Site visit 07

22 March 2011

Nearly there!  Our clients are due back in three weeks from their long overseas trip.  We’re hoping they will be pleased with their project, it looks like a brand new home even though the works were mainly to provide new bedrooms in the loft.

Along the way we’ve fixed damp, replastered walls, provided a new bathroom (pictured here), redecorated the outside and renewed the boiler.  Work has gone pretty much according to plan, although slightly later than originally envisaged but still in plenty of time for our client’s return.  One more visit and this job will be complete.

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Site visit 06

4 March 2011

As our project in Stoke Newington nears completion, we checked up again on progress.  With about two weeks work remaining we can pretty much see how the project will turn out. 

Following the lowering of the ceiling below, the new attic bedroom has a lot more space in it.  The rear bedroom makes the most of its dimensions with extra storage provided above the old external wall.  We ran the window sill round the room to provide a handy ledge but also the make the space appear a little bit larger.