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Site visit 05

17 February 2011

We’ve had a really busy start to the year, but we always find time to visit an important job, especially when the owner is on the other side of the world!

This job has been as smoothly run as any we’ve done.  It’s all thanks to our great builder who has been making steady progress and delivering good quality throughout.  These pictures show some of the details starting to emerge: the matching design of the stair, the huge amount of daylight coming down the new staircase and the new cornice and pelmet hiding the curtain rail.  This is a slightly unconventional detail but is a neat way of reconciling the original window height and the reduced ceiling for the loft conversion.

At our last visit we instructed the builder to build in a wardrobe to use up some dead space in a new bedroom.  It has worked really well and adds a lot of storage while only taking up a small bit of the room.  It also helps to hide some of the drainage from a new bathroom.  Even though this is a Victorian property with a quite challenging drainage route, we’ve managed to completely hide away all of the drainage runs without having any unsightly boxing in. 

As well as checking on the construction quality and valuing the work, it can be really useful to have the opportunity to improve upon details and make small amendments to suit site conditions.  We have had to make some adjustments to the design as we go along but that’s to be expected.  Indeed, the extra trips we’ve made to the job because our client is away has really improved the quality of the design.  Not in a huge way, but we’ve been able to make small changes and improvements do make a significant difference.  We wish every job could be like this!

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Site visit 04

2 February 2011

Back on site two weeks after our last visit and great progress being made again.  Work is progressing pretty much to plan with very few issues arising.  We noticed that there may be scope to use of the depth of the stud partition over the existing brick wall to build a wardrobe and use up some of the dead space.  We also remeasured the exact dimensions of the shower room so we can make final adjustments to the fitting positions, hide away the wc cistern and co-ordinate the tiling. 

Even though some of the drainage routes were quite challenging, the pipe runs all fit and are neatly co-ordinated with all unsightly boxing in eliminated.  We’re quite pleased with the integrated cornice and pelmet detail in the existing bedroom.  This was necessary with the lowering of the ceiling which enabled us to have much more spce in the loft extension.  The room is a really good size and has plenty of additional storage in the eaves.