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Progress in Romsey

21 January 2011

We popped in to see how things are coming on in our project in Romsey.  The photographs show the kitchen as existing and the kitchen relocated to the next room and the separating wall removed.

Our client purchased the house with planning permission for a couple of extensions to provide a larger kitchen and utility room.  Our brief was to rationalise the space and to provide a larger kitchen without quite as large an extension.

We were able to do better than that and developed a solution with a bigger kitchen, utility room and relocated living room without having to extend the house at all.  Not only did this reduce the build cost, but it meant that our client can move into the house sooner.

Our design also gives the option of extending later to provide even more space if needed.  A window at the side improved the daylight in what was a fairly dark room and because of its position, just behind the neighbouring house, also has a pleasing outlook.

This is an excellent example of achieving much more with less.

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Site visit 03

18 January 2011

Once again, we’re pleased with progress on this project.  Work is bang on schedule and on budget.  We’ve uncovered a few small areas where minor amounts of additional work is needed (such as repairing the lean in the adjoining chimney which needs to be extended above our extension and inserting timbers over the joists in the bathroom to raise the floor level to neatly accommodate the drainage from the WC).  However, the additional costs are well within the contingency for the project.

You can see here just how much weather protection is needed for a project like this, even when the house is unoccupied.  It has certainly helped to keep on schedule during the recent wet weather.

The existing wall has been built up in stock bricks and the lowered ceiling over the existing top floor has ensured plenty of extra headroom in the new storey.  Experienced carpenters have set out the new mansard walls ready for the extension of the party wall to the side.  Services co-ordination is going well and works to the central heating system already well progressed. Workers from will first fix plumbing and drainage is fitted and the central heating pipes flushed out ready for the new boiler.

We expect the extension to be fully enclosed and weatherproofed by the time of our next visit.

VAT increase

4 January 2011

Happy New Year everyone.

We think 2011 is going to be a great year.  We have some exciting new projects and are lucky to have great clients we enjoy working with.

With the increase in VAT being applied today we’d like to remind clients that we still provide all inclusive quotes meaning we could save you 20% on fees and still provide a high quality service.  While this might not make a huge difference to the total cost of your project it does fit in nicely with our philosophy of making the most out of every aspect of your project, no matter how small the improvement might be.

If you’re planning on building in 2011 call us for a consultation.