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Site visit 02

25 December 2010

Site visit to check progress and process the first valuation.  Work has progressed pretty much as expected with the second floor installed and flooring laid.  The lowered ceilings work just fine and create valuable extra inches in the top floor.

We spotted some repairs to joists where an old chimney has been removed.  Unfortunately it’s under the new bath and so it would be prudent to stregthen the joists there.  We also uncovered some services holes in the top of the centre span of the joists.  Better safe than sorry, so we’ll put in new joists throughout next to the existing ones som we don’t need to disturn the majority of the existing kitchen ceiling.

We’ve also been inspecting the existing side return extension and glazed roof to remedy some existing damp.  Not a great piece of detailing when it was built but we have some ideas as to how to makle some simple improvements to the drainage and weatherproofing.

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Site visit 01

16 December 2010

Our client has entrusted us with their house and their project while they are working overseas.   We’re keeping them up to date with progress over the internet and thought that it would be a useful ‘real time’  case study for the blog.

This shows progress after 1 week.  The contractor has protected the floors and stripped out the existing bathroom, partitions and ceiling in readiness for lowering the new floor to provide additional headroom in the loft extension.  The strip out showed the existing bathroom extractor venting into the loft (not good) and produced two chairs which match the client’s dining set which were saved from the skip.  The new floor level has been agreed and results in a marginally better head height in the loft than anticipated.

Adaptations to the central heating has been done and we’ve lifted some floorboards to have a poke around the joists in the new bathroom to check the depth and see if there is enough room for the drainage to the new layout.  We’re pleased with progress, not least because the work started at relatively short notice.


Modern extension

3 December 2010

I think this is proof that we don’t have a house style, given that much of our work to date has been a bit more traditional.

Good design comes from an ability to listen, work through the functionality of a project and then to develop an appropriate solution.  We never set out knowing what a project will look like, the design coming from the dialogue between us and our client.

Even though this looks modern, it’s actually very traditional and blends well with a practical interior.  The design maximised the view out and made the most of the northerly orientation.  By using traditional construction methods we’re confident that the structure is long lasting as well as being cost effective to build.