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Kitchen completed

12 November 2010

We popped in to photograph this stunning kitchen which has just been completed in Winchester.

Our brief was to enlarge the existing kitchen and knock down a wall into the existing dining room and conservatory and create a stunning new room.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t really enough space to achieve what the client wanted and so we set about swapping room uses.

This new kitchen and dining room was created out of the existing family room.  As well as providing more space, it also meant that our client had a fully functioning kitchen throughout the project.  The existing kitchen, dining room and conservatory are being knocked together to create a new family room.

By considering the house as a whole we were able to achieve much more from the project at very little additional cost.  Since the bulk of the costs were for the kitchen and finishes, which would have been the same regardless, moving the kitchen was relatively straightforward as there was drainage available from bathrooms above.

We designed the kitchen layout in detail and handed it over to the retailer who scheduled up the units and end panels.  By placing the sockets and switches on the ends of the worktop runs and using the sides of the bespoke chimney breast over the hob, our client has been able to specify glass splashbacks without any socket cut outs which might have detracted from its appearance.

vitsoe2 vitsoe1

Aaah Vitsoe

9 November 2010

We’ve gone all ‘architect’ like with the delivery of our Vitsoe shelving.

Never heard of it?  As Hugh Pearman says ‘With 606, you are not just buying the various components of a remarkably intelligent and practical shelving/storage/furniture system. You are buying a lineage. You are buying into design in its purest sense, which means a design that is time-tested and future-proof.’

Not only was it a delight and easy to erect but, despite its high pricetag, is extremely good value when you consider it will last us a lifetime and be flexible enough to follow us to any home.  We could have spent half as much on built in shelving, but it wouldn’t have been as well finished and would have been fixed to the house.  Forgive the plug, but we always take the long view when it comes to value.

From open box to finished system was about 3 hours, all easily done by one person thanks to Vitsoe’s supplied combined spirit level and setting out tool.  And as a bonus, the kids have a cubic metre of starch packing (play maize) to play with.