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Greening Fulflood

29 September 2010

We’re participating in the Greening Fulflood open day on 10 October.

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Wintery windows

28 September 2010

One of the things we obsess about is getting the balance of light right in a room.  Too much glass and the wrong orientation can mean lots of glare and overheating.  There’s no point having a well lit wall if the back of the room is dark.  The contrast will just make it look even darker.

Often the best solution is the simplest; light coming from two directions and tall windows to catch more of the sky.  Essentially these are Georgian and Victorian ideas and it’s part of the reason period homes are almost universally loved.

Here we placed a tall window in a study to divert the eye away from the raised driveway directly in front of the room.  By happy co-incidence it frames a large tree in the street.

Our rooflight let in plenty of light to the back of the room but wasn’t providing much of a view out.  By mirroring the sides of the lightwell we see more of the sky and, on sunny days, get reflected shafts of sunlight streaming in.

One of the best sources for ideas such as these is Sir John Soane’s Museum.  Soane designed the house to live in and as a setting for his antiquities and his works of art.  He devised many inventive ways of arranging space and light and his enormous collection in a relatively small space.  His ideas can be applied to modern and period homes alike.

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Progress in Kensington

24 September 2010

The Oxford and London Building Company are making the final touches to their substantial basement extension in South Kensington.  We assisted in obtaining consents for a rationalised scheme and revising the layouts to suit the interior design.