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All in the detail

30 June 2010

As Mies van der Rohe said, ‘God is in the details’.  Now who better to quote from when reviewing our first modernist extension?  OK, it’s not the Barcelona Pavilion but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved on a tight budget.  By keeping the construction simple, we can afford elements such as the large sliding doors, aluminium gutters and frameless rooflight.

It also helped that we’re managing the build ourselves and (with a bit of help) fitted them ourselves.  If we can fit them and make them look good, anyone can.

What we’re most please with though is our hidden curtain track.  We sourced a self fit bendable rail that is the same depth as the ceiling finish.  The result is a completely hidden track, hugely important when the ceiling is meant to line through on the inside and outside.  Our neighbours might even appreciate it more than we do!

Get the detailing right and you don’t need to pay the earth for great results.


11 Light Brigade March

23 June 2010

We were pleased to have a prime seat to see the 650 soldiers of the 11 Light Brigade march in their homecoming parade after a gruelling six-month tour in Helmand province.  The parade was the largest homecoming event of its kind and the final act of the brigade before disbanding.


Modern infill extension

22 June 2010

We have been busy on our new project for a large single storey extension in Fulflood.  The brief was to fill in the wedge shaped garden of this end of terrace house and create a large kitchen, dining and family room.

In order to maximise the light and space, we have produced a design with a large sloping ceiling, tall glazed garden elevation with bi-folding doors and frameless rooflights to light the deepest part of the extension.  The triangular section between the boundary wall and the sloping ceiling is glazed to allow daylight in as the sun tracks across the sky.  In addition, we are reinstating an old window to the street which will allow light to come in from a third side.  As ever, quality of space and light is driving this design.  Its modern aesthetic is a result of the design process, rather than something we had in mind from the outset.

This rough model was used to look at the internal space and to determine the optimum position for windows and rooflights.