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Winchester refurbishment

27 May 2010

These are some post occupancy photographs of our townhouse refurbishment completed a year ago.


Website updated

27 May 2010

We’ve added new photographs to one of our case studies and was excited to be able to photograph an extension in Fulflood that is nearing completion.  Unfortunately there was some dirt in the camera and so we’ll have to wait for sunshine again.  I took these while testing the camera sensor.

Garden view Street view

Progress in Fulflood

26 May 2010

Some more photographs from our extension in Fulflood. We’ve kept the extension low at the front to minimise its bulk and provided a large sliding doors to the family room at the rear for ease of access and to make the most of the garden view.

The only slight problem we’ve encountered is the brick colour.  While the brick is the same as one we have used successfully in the past to  match the original wirecuts, the current batches are a bit lighter in colour.  The rainwater downpipes will cover the joint at the rear to make it less obvious while the joint at the front is mostly glazed.  A bit of ageing of the new brick will also help.  Probably not a huge issue, but a detail that’s important for us.