Category of Townhouse Refurbishments

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Completion in Knightsbridge

3 July 2014

Our fantastic basement extension and whole house refurbishment is now complete.  With a bespoke stair, great basement family room and built in furniture to make the most of the small space, this house does meet the expectations of its substantial price tag.

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Completion in Blackheath

23 April 2013

Our client’s new family home was in need of a complete refurbishment and significant additions in order to satisfy their needs.  The brief was for traditional and sympathetic additions with lots of light and a much improved entrance and staircase.

Our design provided 2 bedrooms in the existing loft with well thought out space under the existing hipped roof.  The staircase was designed to allow more light into the entrance and allow sunshine from the front of the house to flood through to the rear.

The rear ground floor extension was designed to break up the bulk of the large increase and retain the traditional style of the house.  The landscaping echoes the shape of the extension to complete the design.


Progress in Ampfield

15 November 2011

We popped in to see our project in Ampfield and were pleased to see a beautiful country house take shape from what had been a plain looking bungalow.  Generous additional space has been formed within the large roof which has transformed the character of the house.  The roof pitch is just at the right angle to improve the look of the house and make the space within it as usable as possible.

Our client has been directly involved in the procurement of the project and has managed to make some small savings as they’ve gone along.  The construction information provided by us has ensured that progress has been smooth with very little to resolve or change on site (unlike what you see happens on projects on TV).  Indeed, the only changes have been where the client has wanted to incorporate low maintenance materials.

We were pleased to see the roof being installed.  The Redland tiles are a good cost effective product which uses less material, costs less but still looks good if the roof is properly detailed.  This is just one of the innovations we had in mind when we designed the house.