Category of Case Study – Terraced Refurb

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Project completion

15 April 2011

We handed back the keys to our refurbishment and loft extension today.  We’re very pleased that our clients were delighted with the end result.

Even though they were on the other side of the world, they were able to keep in touch with progress through our blog and photographs.  We were assisted by having an excellent (yet affordable) contractor whom we had worked with before.  Their attention to detail combined with our design which made the most of the available space, created a wonderful light filled three storey townhouse from what had been a two storey terrace.

While the build was straightforward we had to win a planning appeal to get the planning permission.  The extra effort was worthwhile since the extension blends in with the original much more successfully than might otherwise have been the case.

As well as the extra space we were also able to get much more light into the interior thanks to the rooflights and new windows which provided new views out of the property.  Our works also remedied some damp, provided a new family bathroom and restored the original proportions of the original bedrooms.

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Site visit 08

7 April 2011

A final check on site before carpets get laid and our client returns from a 6 month overseas trip.

They left a small three bedroom terraced house with a very small internal bathroom, and come back to a four bedroom two bathroom townhouse.  The first thing you notice is just how light the hallway is, thanks to the frameless rooflight over the extended stair.  Although the dimensions are quite tight we managed to fit in two more good sized bedrooms and restored the main bedrooms rooms to their original size (the old bathroom had pinched space from two rooms).

The family bathroom is in character with the traditional style of the house while the modern wetroom in the attic provides some luxury in the form of the huge drencher shown above.  The whole house has been decorated and re-carpeted throughout and the outside treated to a lick of paint.

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Site visit 07

22 March 2011

Nearly there!  Our clients are due back in three weeks from their long overseas trip.  We’re hoping they will be pleased with their project, it looks like a brand new home even though the works were mainly to provide new bedrooms in the loft.

Along the way we’ve fixed damp, replastered walls, provided a new bathroom (pictured here), redecorated the outside and renewed the boiler.  Work has gone pretty much according to plan, although slightly later than originally envisaged but still in plenty of time for our client’s return.  One more visit and this job will be complete.